Wooden sword coloring

Wooden sword

It´s a special weapon because it was made of wood. Maybe, our knight cannot fight with it but he is looking at it with surprise. We can color them and after that we can share this drawing with our friends.

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Knight and farmer coloring

Knight and farmer

The knight has to do his job. This job consists on stopping people who cross this way. In this picture, we can see a farmer who has to sell some flour for earning money. We are going to color this drawing.

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Spartan Helmet coloring

Spartan Helmet

This is a Spartan helmet which every soldier had to wear. This helmet had feathers over it and they were a way of protection when soldiers had to fight. Today, we don´t fight, just we have to color it and then, you can share with your friends.

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A knight in the battle coloring

A knight in the battle

A knight with shield and a spear is ready for starting the battle. His horse is running towards the enemies. We can see them, but I think that this man is going to win the battle, because he is strong and he has everything for that.

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A king for coloring coloring

A king for coloring

He is not only a knight but, he is the king of one peaceable kingdom. He is a good person and everybody loves him. If you like the age of empires, you have an opportunity for coloring them. First, you should print it and then, color it.

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