The tree house coloring

The tree house

When we were young we played in a house like that. There was above the tree and only children can played it. The house was built with hardy wood, so everybody can enjoy in it with different games. Today, you have to color this special wooden house.

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House with many windows coloring

House with many windows

This house has got many windows, if we look closely, we can see nine of them in the main wall but on the roof, there are three windows, too. Perhaps, this house doesn´t need many lights inside because they are enough windows for it. Print it and color the house.

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Kitchen for coloring coloring

Kitchen for coloring

This is a clean kitchen and we can see many things in it. Every one can be coloured by us…Would you like it?. Choose your colors and you can start with the fridge or the oven. Maybe, this picture can be used like an activity where children have to write the name of the things that they see.

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Dock house coloring

Dock house

It is the perfect house, because on the one hand it is near the sea and we can go fish or sail. On the other hand is a quiet house and we can rest every day. While we are thinking of it, we can color it.

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House for drawing coloring

House for drawing

Today, you have to draw this house, because we show you only its skeleton, and you have to draw the rooms such as the kitchen or living room and bathroom. This is your home so, you can draw what you want.

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Bob´s house coloring

Bob´s house

It´s a different house because it has an original shape. It´s a pineapple but it has a window and a little door…it´s wonderful building and if you don´t know it, it is Sponge Bob´s house. Let´s color it and enjoy it.

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Wooden House coloring

Wooden House

Here you are a wooden house for coloring. It is in the middle of the wood and it´s a quiet place where we can relax and enjoy each moment of our lives. The house has four windows and one door…(one door is enough).

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Rooms for coloring coloring

Rooms for coloring

Here you are a big house, with two floors. On the one hand, the house has a big kitchen and it is on the left, but on the right, you can visit the living-room, with comfortable sofas. On the other hand, if we go upstairs we can see two rooms and a bathroom in the middle.

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A little house for coloring coloring

A little house for coloring

Today, we are going to color this picture. It is a little house with two little windows and a door on the right side. A woman is watering plants and flowers, while a butterfly is flying over them. It´s a special coloring page for girls, so if you like it, print it and enjoy it.

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