The ghost for coloring coloring

The ghost for coloring

The ghost is the main character when we talk about Halloween. Everybody knows that it is a party where you can enjoy so much if you have a costume like that. So, while you are thinking about it, we are going to color this picture. What do you think about it?.

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Ghost for coloring coloring

Ghost for coloring

This is the ghost but today, he doesn´t scare you but he will give you some advice. Which one?, we don´t know because you can write on this wood what you think that the ghost can tell you. Then, you can give some color to this picture and you can show it.

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Hello Kitty and the pumpkins coloring

Hello Kitty and the pumpkins

Hello Kitty is celebrating Halloween party and for that, she wears a costume witch and she has many pumpkins. They are the best decoration for a night like that. The moon is looking at them and the bat or the ghost, too. It´s a magic night so we have to enjoy it.

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A girl is cooking coloring

A girl is cooking

It is a different night because the moon is bigger than yesterday, the bats can fly over it and a girl is cooking the dinner. The dinner is a bit different, too. It´s a kind of magic because it is Halloween time, so everybody enjoys it once a year.

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Halloween coloring


If you are looking for a decoration for your Halloween party, here it is. Today, we are going to color this picture in which we can see the name of a horror celebration but it is very funny, too. If you look at the letter, you can see that they are made of blood.

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Pumpkin for coloring coloring

Pumpkin for coloring

Halloween is a special night and today we want to give you a special drawing, too. It is the most important thing in this party: the pumpkin. It has a mouth and two eyes, so you can color it and decorate your books or room with it.

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Halloween invitation coloring

Halloween invitation

If you are thinking of having a party, you will need an invitation. This one is for Halloween night and you don´t have to color it, just you print it. You must write the place and the time for that your guest don´t forget it.

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A witch coloring

A witch

Witches and black cats are the main characters in Halloween. This is a special night and it´s a scared night, too. In this picture, we can see a witch who is flying with a cat on a broom.

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