Sunflower coloring


Today, you have to color the sunflower but we tell you how to begin with easy instructions. Yellow is the most important color in this flower but there are other colors like brown and green. It´s so easy, so you can start right now for having fun with the sunflower.

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A horse with flowers coloring

A horse with flowers

This horse is the winner of the race so, the don´t need any money but the organization has given it some flowes which you have to color. This is a beautiful prize for us and for it. If you have to give a present, don´t hesitate, give them some flowers.

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Tulips for coloring coloring

Tulips for coloring

Tulips are flowers which have many colors. You can find them in red or yellow and in both colors at once. We want to give you this bouquet of tulips and now, you have to choose the colors that you want.

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How to draw a rose coloring

How to draw a rose

If you want to draw a rose but you don´t know how, here it is a tutorial. It´s a draw which you have to follow step by step…it´s so easy. When you practice twice, you will be able to draw it with close eyes.

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A beautiful rose coloring

A beautiful rose

This is a beautiful rose but it needs some color. When you color it, you can give it to someone. If you like the flowers, this one can like you so much. But, don´t waste time and color it now.

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Bunch of flowers coloring

Bunch of flowers

Flowers give us the beauty and they are a perfect decoration for our house. This is a bunch of flowers and it can decorate your house, too. Maybe, it´s a perfect present for someone special.

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Daisy for coloring coloring

Daisy for coloring

We love flowers because we like its colors and its smell, so we are going to collect flowers for printing and coloring them. At the moment, we are looking at a daisy, which has a beautiful smile but it needs colors.

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