Tutankhamun coloring


Tutankhamun was a Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. If you don´t know what Pharaoh means, I have to tell you that he is like a king. He was a teenager and he died young. So, today we can color him.

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Nefertiti coloring


If yesterday we had to color a Pharaoh, today we are going to color Nefertiti. She was the wife of a Pharaoh, too. His husband was Akhenaten and he ruled for seventeen years.

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A camel and Pyramids coloring

A camel and Pyramids

A new coloring page for kids, where we can see a different place. It´s Egypt and we know it because we can see the pyramids over there. In front of them, a camel is resting. A place that we would like to visit once in our life.

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A mummy and an Egyptian coloring

A mummy and an Egyptian

It´s a funny picture about a mummy and an Egyptian. He is looking at the place but he doesn´t know what it´s going to happen. A silent mummy is near and she brings a surprise for him. A big scare!. What is Egyptian going to do?. Poor boy!.

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