Easy verbs coloring

Easy verbs

This worksheet is for learning verbs. First, we can write it and then, when we learn it, we will know how to use it. It´s an easy task and it is for little kids and it´s a resource for teachers or parents. You have to print it and you will be able to do it.

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Word Search coloring

Word Search

We need a pencil…it´s the only tool for doing that exercise, well, and the concentration in this sheet. It´s a Word Search and maybe it isn´t so easy, but we know that you are going to get. Let´s begin the career word search.

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Spelling Worksheet coloring

Spelling Worksheet

Today we have to learn how some words have to be written. We will give you some words and you have to know how they spell. It is an easy task for our children. You can print it and you will see that children enjoy with it.

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Days of the week coloring

Days of the week

This is an easy task for children. They have to complete this exercise which has many colors and they will spend a good time with it. It´s a resource for teachers or parents that only they have to print and let children enjoy with it.

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Educational Clock Hour coloring

Educational Clock Hour

This is a worksheet for practicing the hour. There are many clocks and you have to draw the hour and the minutes. It´s so easy so you will learn it quickly and if it´s difficult for you, you will have to do them many times.

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What is that? coloring

What is that?

We don´t know what is hidden in this picture. If you want to know what there is in this picture, you have to connect the dots and you will get good results. Just we can see the eyes…Do you know that?.

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Daily routine coloring

Daily routine

This is an educational worksheet where kids will have to order these daily routines. They have to think of what they do every morning, so it will be easy. Sheets for parents and for teachers, too. Only you can print, it´s an easy task for you, too.

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A preschool for coloring coloring

A preschool for coloring

This is a funny worksheet where you have to circle and draw different fishes. It´s special for kids because they have to think and see and then, they can color that it´s something that they love. Print it for them to do the homework and you can help them, too.

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Practicing carrying coloring

Practicing carrying

Do you like Maths?. If the answer is true, you can practice with this worksheet and if the answer is no, you have to practice more than ever, because you have to be ready for next exams. In this site, teachers and parents will find many educational activities for kids.

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Dear Santa Claus coloring

Dear Santa Claus

Don´t waste your time, so, you have to think what you want for Christmas. Today, we are going to help you, because you can print this letter and complete it. Listen!, pay attention to your writing because Santa Claus likes children who write correctly.

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