My keys coloring

My keys

These are my keys but I always forget which one is for opening the door and which is for the garage. Maybe, you have the answer for helping me because you can color them in different colors and I will be able to learn which key I need. I won´t never forget it!.

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Missing vowels coloring

Missing vowels

In this exercises the vowels are missing and you have to find them. First, you have to look at each picture and the task will be easier. Write the names about winter things or clothes and you will finish this exercise. It´s so easy, so, don´t waste the time.

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Clown with squares coloring

Clown with squares

It is a picture where we can see a clown who needs some colors. His dress has many squares and you have to color them, too. But, you have to choose a color for big squares and another one for small squares. It is another easy exercise for kids.

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Animals coloring


This is the new activity for kids in which they have to take the animals to their places. It is easy, isn´t it?. Besides, children can learn the animals names an after that, they could write them without any help. Print it and begin with the fun.

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Halloween Jigsaw puzzle coloring

Halloween Jigsaw puzzle

It is a game but first you will have to print and then to paste it in a cardboard. You have to cut the paper whenever you follow the lines, because they will be the pieces for playing. An easy activity and funny game.

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Write about colors coloring

Write about colors

Children can learn the colors with this worksheet. They can write sentences which have to begin with “It´s”. They will be able to add the names, too. Another easy sheet for parents or teachers.

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Pencil coloring


If we want to draw or we want to write the letters, we need this object. It is a pencil and we need it in class and in each subject, so here you are. This one, you have to color it and then, you will be able to use it.

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Read and write coloring

Read and write

This is an easy worksheet for reading and writing. You have to color each ballon in a different color and then, you will have to complete the sentences. It is an easy way of learning English for kids.

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Easy word-search coloring

Easy word-search

This a game where the kids have to find many words. Don´t worry because it is an easy task and you can see the pictures for helping. It is a perfect resource for teachers and parents. Just, you have to print and enjoy it.

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Flower with smile coloring

Flower with smile

It is a flower very happy because it has a smile in its face, so we have to color it for keeping smile. If you want to learn how you can draw a flower, after coloring, you can draw it in another sheet of paper.

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School vocabulary coloring

School vocabulary

This is a sheet of English Vocabulary and today, we are going to learn about school. Maybe, you know each word, so you can play with them, so this task is a good resource for parents or teachers.

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My book coloring

My book

This is may book and I have to use it everyday in my class. Today, when I arrived at school, there wasn´t any letter in it. I don´t know what had happened, but I hope that you can help me if you write what you want in it.

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Draw the time coloring

Draw the time

We have to practice the time again and again, because we have a exam soon and we want to pass it. A sheet for children and for parents or teacher because it is an easy task for everyone, so don´t waste time and print it.

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Feelings coloring


How are you today? we hope that you are fine or great because you have to do this worksheet. It´s easy, so you have to draw the feeling that you can see on the left side and you can color them after drawing the faces.

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Complete the sentences coloring

Complete the sentences

Once again, we have to complete the sentences with words in the clouds. These words are feelings and adjectives and they are very important for the sentences. You can do it with your friends, because it will be funnier.

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Shapes and sides coloring

Shapes and sides

Today, we share another easy exercise. In this picture you have to find out the shapes and the sides…What do you think?. You have to print and then, you will be able to do this task. Maybe, Maths can be so easy and funny.

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