Nobita coloring


Nobita is a boy and he is a main character of Doraemon. He is ten years old but he isn´t a good student, because he is lazy. He fails his exams so his parent punish him because of his marks.

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Doraemon is in love coloring

Doraemon is in love

Doraemon is in love and he cannot pretend it. In this picture, we can see him with a special friend. Both go to different places and go for a walk. It doesn´t matter what the can do if they do it together.

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Doraemon and Nobita coloring

Doraemon and Nobita

Doraemon and his friend Nobita goes by car but we can see that this car goes too fast and Doraemon is going to be sick. Meanwhile, Nobita is enjoying the trip and he is smiling all the time. A funny drawing for coloring and sharing if you want.

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Doraemon has a date coloring

Doraemon has a date

Doraemon is so happy because he has a blind date. It´s the first time and he hopes that everything goes well. He wears a suit with a bow-tie and a hat. The flowers couldn´t miss, so it´s time to go. Good Luck!.

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it´s party time coloring

it´s party time

It´s party time and Doraemon is ready fot that. He is so happy and we can see the smile of his lips and the songs that he is singing. The only thing that he needs is some color in this picture, so you have the power for that.

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Doraemon and friends coloring

Doraemon and friends

Doraemon is very happy because he is with his friends. One of them is called Nobita who is a child and a bad student. Besides, in this picture, Shizuka appears, too. She is a funny girl and, I have to say that Nobi loves her. You have to color all characters if you like them.

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Doraemon is fishing coloring

Doraemon is fishing

It´s sunny and Doraemon doesn´t want to stay at home, so he thinks that que could spend this day with his best friends. In this case, fish is his best friend, so he is fishing for dinner a tasty fish. He is enjoying and we know that it will be a good day

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