Learning colors coloring

Learning colors

If you want to learn the colors, here you are the best worksheet. You can see objects and animals in it, so, you have to look at them, read the name of the color and finally, paint them. It´s so easy!. You can share this picture with your friends.

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Red car coloring

Red car

If you want a red car, here it is. It is an easy activity because you have to print this drawing and then, you have to paste it in a cardboard. You can give it to your friends or collect it, because this one won´t be the only one.

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Easy Crossword coloring

Easy Crossword

This is an easy game for kids. It is a crossword where you can find many words about things or animals and color. First, you can print this picture and then, enjoy it but take it easy.

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Jigsaw Puzzle for girls coloring

Jigsaw Puzzle for girls

Today, you don´t have to color any picture but we want to give you a jigsaw puzzle for girls. You have to print and then paste it on cardboard. Finally, you can play whenever you want and you can invite your friends, too.

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Tangram puzzle coloring

Tangram puzzle

Tangram puzzle is a game and for playing with it, you will need a sheet of paper. Maybe, you can print this one and then, you can make many figures like animals or people. A different game for children and parents.

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Sponge Bob coloring

Sponge Bob

Today, we are going to make a special box. We can print this drawing and then, we should glue in cardboard. Now, we are going to build our toy, just you have to follow that instructions and join the letters.

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Tins with flowers coloring

Tins with flowers

When I was a child I used to make different presents for my parents in my school. One of them, It was a decorated tins which you could color and draw or you could buy papers with flowers and colors for fixing in them.

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Animal Puzzle coloring

Animal Puzzle

This worksheet is for printing and coloring because it will be funnier than without colors. Then, you have to cut the pictures and children will have to order them. It´s an easy game for toddlers.

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Ice cream maze coloring

Ice cream maze

It´s summer time and this girl wants to eat an ice cream. The children want to eat or drink something because it´s very hot, so we can help them. We must find the way to buy the ice creams. It´s difficult but it isn´t impossible.

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