Cinderella has a new skirt coloring

Cinderella has a new skirt

She is so happy because everything is going to be perfect. Cinderella is in love and now, she has a different life because she doesn´t have to work so hard and she wears dresses and wonderful skirts like it. It is a beautiful picture where a bird gives us a flower, too.

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Cinderella and a friend coloring

Cinderella and a friend

Cinderella has many friends and she shows us one of them in this picture. The animals are friendly with her and she loves them, too. In this picture we can see the happiness of the girl because she wears a new dress which you have to color.

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Cinderella and her Godmother coloring

Cinderella and her Godmother

Today is the ball and Cinderella wanted to go but she hadn´t got any dress for that. Her Fairy Godmother had the solution to the problem and she gave Cinderella the most beautiful dress in the world. Finally, you have to do an easy job: Color this picture.

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Cinderella and the Prince coloring

Cinderella and the Prince

Cinderella and the Prince are in love and finally the can enjoy together so, we let you this beautiful picture. Good people always have a good ending and in this fairy tale cannot be different. we can share their happiness if we print it.

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Cinderella lost her shoe coloring

Cinderella lost her shoe

It´s midnight and Cinderella has to go back, so she is running down the stairs. In that moment she lost her shoe but she didn´t care it. Everybody looked at her but she thought of running away. Finally, she got it and she will find her shoe later.

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Cinderella is working so hard coloring

Cinderella is working so hard

Cinderella is working so hard, because she has to do many things in the house. In this picture, she is carrying the tea on a tray. Well, it isn´t an only tray but three. One of these are on the left hand, another one on the right hand and the last one over her head.

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