Castle maze coloring

Castle maze

Let´s begin with a game, because today we don´t want to color any picture. It is an easy game and you have to print this castle maze for starting it. The maze is in front of the castle because it is its garden and we are going to complete it.

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A big palace coloring

A big palace

It is a big palace where, maybe, a king live with his wife and his sons or daughters and there, they celebrated many parties. But today there isn´t any party but a drawing of that castle that you have to color it.

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A castle and the witch coloring

A castle and the witch

At first sight, it is a castle with a bridge and many towers but if we look at the sky, we can see a witch which is flying over the castle. She is thinking of a magic, but we don´t know if it will be good or bad.

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Steps to draw a castle coloring

Steps to draw a castle

if you want to draw a castle but you don´t know how, you can follow these steps. First, you have to draw a rectangle and then, the towers that they will be placed on the rectangles sides. It´s so easy…let´s begin!.

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Tower with wall coloring

Tower with wall

Today we are going to show you a big tower with many rooms inside and where nobody can come in because the tower has a wall in front of it and there are many soldiers who guard this place.

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A castle through the window coloring

A castle through the window

It´s a wonderful sight, because we can see the castle through the window. Maybe, over there a prince and his princess live in it. It has many towers and a big clock which tell us what time it is. You can color it, but first, you should print it.

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Castle in the sand coloring

Castle in the sand

This boy is on the beach and he likes swimming but now, he is making a castle in the sand. He has spend an hour for that, because the castle has many things such as a tower and a door with shells. It´s a beautiful castle!.

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A castle with dragon coloring

A castle with dragon

A different castle for coloring because it is protected by a dragon and nobody can enter in it. It´s magic because a little elf is a friend of the dragon, so if you want to enter in the castle, you have to make new friends.

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Castle under the sea coloring

Castle under the sea

It´s a castle which is located under the sea. It´s so beautiful and a mermaid thinks the same, so she cannot take her eyes off it. A picture for coloring and learning how the sea is. Specially for kids!.

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Grandparents are making a castle coloring

Grandparents are making a castle

My grandparents were bored in the living-room, because it was raining and they couldn´t go out. But, in that moment, they had a great idea. They would like to make a big castle and piece by piece, they are getting it. Print this picture, color and give it to your grandparents.

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A castle with many towers coloring

A castle with many towers

If you want to visit this castle, you have to walk across the bridge, because a river is under. The castle has many towers which are high and with wonderful views. We can imagine that a king and the queen lived in this place. You can imagine what you want while you color it.

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A big castle for coloring coloring

A big castle for coloring

Today, we are going to color a big castle. It has a big tower, but behind it, there are many more. The king and the queen lived there with their children and they were very happy. So, if you want to be so happy like them, you can begin to color this picture.

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