Tweety wears a bow-tie coloring

Tweety wears a bow-tie

Where is the party? we don´t know but maybe Tweety knows that, because he is ready for a big party. He wears a special bow-tie which has stars and little things for coloring. Besides, Tweety wears a hat…our bird is handsome.

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Tweety is angry coloring

Tweety is angry

We don´t know what is happening but if we see this picture, we can see that Tweety is very angry. It´s something strange because he likes enjoying the time but today it isn´t so. We can help him and for that, we have to print this picture and color it.

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Tom and Jerry for coloring coloring

Tom and Jerry for coloring

Everybody knows Tom and Jerry and their adventures, because they always fight but I know that, maybe, they love each other. So, in this picture, we can see them very funny. They are dressed with a special suit. I like this couple, and you?.

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Snow-White with her friends coloring

Snow-White with her friends

Snow-White is talking with her friends. We know her because she is a princess and she has white skin, besides, animals love her because she is a good and nice girl. Today, you can color her and her beautiful dress…don´t forget the rabbit and squirrels.

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Bambi for coloring coloring

Bambi for coloring

Bambi is resting on the grass with her friend, the rabbit Thumper. She is yawning because she is sleepy, but the birds is coming for playing with her. A nice deer which lives in the forest and now, we can color it if we print it and then share with friends.

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