Eric and Ariel are eating coloring

Eric and Ariel are eating

Eric and Ariel are eating but the first course is crab so Ariel cannot eat it, so she invents something quickly. She is brushing her hair with a knife while Eric cannot take his eye off her.

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Little Princess coloring

Little Princess

She is a little princess and if you can´t know who she is, we are going to tell you. First, we will give you some clues like she has a teapot between her hands and she is pretty. Her name is…Bella.

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Minnie is in love coloring

Minnie is in love

Minnie is the main character of this picture. She is in love, so the hearts are around her and you can get it if you print this wallpaper. She is so happy and she is waiting for her boyfriend who is working at the moment.

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Mickey Mouse and his car coloring

Mickey Mouse and his car

Mickey Mouse has bought a new car and he is so happy. Today he is going to show it to his girlfriend, Minnie. They are going to visit many places and everybody will be able to see the car and its colors.

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Sleeping Beauty coloring

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty and her Prince spend many hours talking about life or thinking of their future. Today, we share this picture with you for coloring and then, decorating your books with it.

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Jerry is scared coloring

Jerry is scared

Oh my God!, what is Jerry looking at?. Maybe he is looking at Tom and he is going to catch him…we don´t know but the only thing that we know is that he is scared. While we find out, we will color it.

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Bart Simpson coloring

Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson is a naughty boy, but her mother love him and she doesn´t punish him. In this picture, we can see him playing but today he isn´t with friend. Milhouse is at home with her mother and he cannot play with Bart.

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Shrek and Donkey coloring

Shrek and Donkey

Shrek and Donkey are walking down the forest because they have a mission and once again they will have many adventures for living. They are friend and they love each other though they discuss everyday.

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The Beauty coloring

The Beauty

A picture of The Beauty who is so pretty like her name. She is a girl with brown hair and brown eyes, too. Her lips are red and her dress and earrings are yellow. In this picture, we can see the castle, maybe The Beast lives there.

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Ratatouille for coloring coloring

Ratatouille for coloring

Ratatouille is an animated film in which a mouse helps a cook for being the best in the world. Here, you can see the main character with a spoon in her hand and he is looking the Eiffel Tower…it´s a picture for coloring.

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Dora The Explorer coloring

Dora The Explorer

Dora is a girl who wants to live many adventures everyday, but she isn´t alone because her friends go with her. In this picture we can see her with a smile and a heart because she loves everybody and everybody loves her.

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Hello Kitty is drinking tea coloring

Hello Kitty is drinking tea

Hello Kitty was playing in her house but she was bored, so she decided stop playing and drinking a cup of tea. She likes it so much but with sugar…do you like it?, if you like Kitty or the tea, you can color them.

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The Flintstones coloring

The Flintstones

The Flintstones were cartoons which enternained whole families because they were very funny. The main characteres were two couples with their sons and their pets. They don´t have cats or dogs but dinosaurs.

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The Pink Panther coloring

The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther is a comedy and an original serie. The Panther is a happy animal which has to live many adventures because the Inspector Jacques pursues the Panther but she always gets away.

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Tom And Jerry shake their hands coloring

Tom And Jerry shake their hands

Tom and Jerry usually fight but they love each other…we know that and today, we want to show this picture. Both are shaking their hands and we know that they do it because they feel it. A colored picture for children.

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Snow-White is reading a letter coloring

Snow-White is reading a letter

Snow-White cannot believe that the prince has sent her a letter. She is reading it again and again, because there are many special words in it…words about love and feelings. She is in love and the prince, too. You can print this picture and color it.

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Little Mermaid coloring

Little Mermaid

An amazing picture of little mermaid who is singing and dancing under the sea with her friends. Everybody dances to the rhythm of the special song and they are so happy because they enjoy spending time with this girl.

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Rapunzel is drawing a butterfly coloring

Rapunzel is drawing a butterfly

Rapunzel doesn´t need a ladder because she has long hair and she can use it for many things. In that picture, she is drawing a butterfly in the wall. It´s an original picture that every girl can print it and then, decorate her room.

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