The painter coloring

The painter

When the autumn arrives it gives us beautiful moments and objects in nature. One of the most important are the fallen leaves. They are green but when they are on the ground, they are brown because this painter is giving some color to them. He is doing a perfect job!.

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It´s spring coloring

It´s spring

It´s a sunny day because the sun is up, in the sky. So we know that it´s spring time where the flowers has got many colors and where we can go out without umbrella. So, we can color this sun and this drawing with many colors, too.

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Three little mermaids coloring

Three little mermaids

They are three girls but they are mermaids, too. Maybe, you know another one mermaid who is a Disney Princess, but today we are going to color this little ones. They have got different hairstyles, so…Which do you prefer?. If you need some help, you can call your best friend for coloring and enjoying.

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A soldier is jumping coloring

A soldier is jumping

Maybe, he is calling someone, but I think that he is afraid of something that he is looking at. This boy is jumping and we have to help him. Although we should color him because it is the only thing that we can do. Do you like this idea?.

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Happy baby for coloring coloring

Happy baby for coloring

The baby is happy because his mother is playing with him. Today they are at home because they don´t need to go out, because they are having a good time everywhere they are. So, you have to color the baby with many colors and then, you have to print it.

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The girl is praying coloring

The girl is praying

Her mom taught her that every night, before going to bed, she had to pray. So, in this picture, we can see how the girl is praying for her family and for another happy day. Today, we are going to color her. Do you usually pray every night like the girl?.

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Spring Rain coloring

Spring Rain

It is spring but the rain has appeared in this season, too. Mickey went out but he knew what it was going to happen. He picked up his umbrella and his boots, so he is happy because the rain cannot wet him today. So, the walk has to go on.

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Mickey Mouse and Pluto are at the beach coloring

Mickey Mouse and Pluto are at the beach

It´s a sunny day so Mickey Mouse and Pluto are spending a good time. They are on the beach, while Mickey are drinking an orange juice, Pluto is looking at him. It´s the perfect drawing for coloring, so first, you have to print it. Are you ready for that?.

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Up house for coloring coloring

Up house for coloring

Have you ever seen the film which was called Up?. It is a romantic story about a couple and their love which can move their house to a better place. Because when we are in love we do everything, so today, we are going to color this house which can fly over the sky.

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Tom and Jerry are enjoying the day coloring

Tom and Jerry are enjoying the day

It´s spring time and the flowers appear with great colors, the birds are singing and the sun is looking at us. So, it is the perfect day for going to the park. Tom and Jerry are enjoying with flowers and bees so now, you have to paint it.

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Shrek with his friend coloring

Shrek with his friend

Shrek is big and he has a green skin, so he is different but he is a good person, so he has got many friends. One of them is Cat and in this picture we can see the ogre and the animal, together and very happy. So, we are going to color them.

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Elsa and Anna coloring

Elsa and Anna

Elsa and Anna are two characters in Frozen, which is a cartoon film. They are sisters and Elsa has got powers but she cannot control them. Sometimes, the sisters argue but we know that they love each other. So, we can see this feeling in this picture which you can color.

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A girl and the pencil coloring

A girl and the pencil

We have to write many letters with this pencil because it is very big. It is as big as the girl who is carrying it with an effort. If you like painting and writing this picture will be for you, but first, you have to print it. Enjoy it.

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The girl is washing the dishes coloring

The girl is washing the dishes

We have to help our mother with the housework, so this girl is doing it. She has to wash the dishes and then, she has to dry it with a cloth. She likes it too much, so her mother is lucky with a girl like her. Do you help you mother with the housework?.

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It´s raining coloring

It´s raining

it´s raining and this ant doesn´t want to get wet, so she has found a shelter. If we look at the sky, we can see the clouds but the sun is there. Meanwhile, we are going to color this drawing.

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Casper made a pizza coloring

Casper made a pizza

Casper is a good chef and we know it because he has made a pizza and it smells so good. Perhaps the pizza has got many ingredientes such as tomatoes, chicken and different sauces. We cannot eat it but we can color it.

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Minnie Mouse makes dinner coloring

Minnie Mouse makes dinner

Today, Minnie wanted to make a different dinner so she thought that a barbecue was the perfect idea. There are drinks, on the table, and food, too. Burguers and bread are ready to be eaten. It smells good!.

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The Smurfette coloring

The Smurfette

The smurfette is a pretty girl who lives in the forest between many smurfs. She wears a white dress and hat, but her skin is blue and her hair is blonde. After these explanations, you can color her.

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