The postman has arrived coloring

The postman has arrived

We have heard a noise and we ran to the window and there, we could see that the noise was from the postman. The postman isn´t a man but a car which has the letters for us. It is a funny coloring page for sharing with your friends.

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Car for girl coloring

Car for girl

We usually remember that hero like a man, tall and slim. Today, we can see a different one in this picture. it´s a Lego piece about super heroes. It wears the bat disguise such as the real one.

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Car with flames coloring

Car with flames

This is a special car because it has some drawings over it. These drawings are on the door and on the hood, and they are flames, so you can color them with yellow or red. Maybe, it can be the car of a famous person.

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A new car coloring

A new car

Our neighbour bought a new car and we can see everyday because it is parked in front of my house. It is beautiful because it has got a bright colour and my neighbour clean it twice a week.

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A taxi for coloring coloring

A taxi for coloring

When your parents don´t want to drive the taxi will be there for them. A taxi driver will be the person who can drive instead of them. The taxi is used in big cities where nobody can park because there are many cars. Let´s go for a ride!.

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Your first car coloring

Your first car

Do you know to draw a car? if the answer is no, don´t worry because today we are going to teach you. There is a car on the sheet, but it´s a car with dots and it isn´t finished, so you have to connect the dots by drawing a line. it´s so easy and you will be able to draw a car when you want.

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Cars Film for coloring coloring

Cars Film for coloring

This is another picture from Cars film. We can see our main character: Lightning McQueen. He is a champion but today there are other in that place, in the podium. He is so lovely that he is congratulating his friends.

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Lightning McQueen for coloring coloring

Lightning McQueen for coloring

Do you know it? I think that the answer is yes, so here you are the most famous car in the world: Lightning McQueen. He needs some colour to win the race, because without them, he feels sad and we cannot see him like that. Don´t waste time and color it.

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A police car for coloring coloring

A police car for coloring

The police is coming with a big car, which has headlights in blue and red. The policemen always go around the streets for catching thieves, so our town is safer. Now, we can print this car and then, color it. It´s so easy and funny…Try it.

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