Alien mask coloring

Alien mask

It is the alien mask and it´s perfect for print and coloring before using. If you look for a strange or scare disguise here you are your mask. Don´t waste time and begin with this task for young learners.

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A beautiful mask coloring

A beautiful mask

It´s a different mask for each girl who wants to dress up as a princess. Maybe, you will need a dress with many colors and frills for a mask like that. Today, you don´t have to color it, just only you have to print it.

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Monster Mask coloring

Monster Mask

If you want a different costume, here you are a scary mask. It is a monster with two fangs and big ears. You can print it and then, you can color it. Maybe, the green and brown color will be perfect in it.

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Butterfly mask coloring

Butterfly mask

This is a special mask because it has a wonderful butterfly and you have to color it. Besides, the butterfly isn´t alone because the flowers and stars are with it. If you want to dress up, here you will find the perfect mask.

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Glasses for carnival coloring

Glasses for carnival

It is a mask and we have to color ir if we want to wear it in our next party. You will have to think of your costume for use it, but we know that the glasses are perfect for you and for your friends, so you can share them.

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Beauty Mask coloring

Beauty Mask

If you like Disney Princess, we know that Beauty is one of your favourite one. Beauty mask can be the perfect costume for every girl. You have to print this picture and then, you can color it…but don´t forget to cut the eyes.

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Little Fairy coloring

Little Fairy

If you are looking for a wonderful costume, maybe, a little fairy will be perfect. You will need two big wings with many colours and a dress with the same colors, too. It´s perfect for little girls who like coloring pictures like that. Are you ready?.

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A mask for carnival coloring

A mask for carnival

If you have a special party and you want to wear a mask, here you are. Nobody will know who you are, but first, you will have to print, cut and color it. It´s an easy work, but anyway you will need time to do it. Call your friends because the work is easier when you have some help.

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Clown with squares coloring

A clown for coloring

It´s time to enjoy and have fun so, the clown is ready for being coloring. He has a funny costume in which we can see a big tie that we can color in red or with another happy colour. Besides he wears gloves and big trousers, too. He has many jokes for you. Are you ready?.

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