Farm coloring


We are going to visit a farm where we will find many animals, but today, we will visit the henhouse where we can see chickens and hens which are looking for a farmer who gives them the food and water.

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Street for coloring coloring

Street for coloring

A street where we can see different houses with small windows and an only one door. You can color them with many colors and then, you can share the picture with your friends. They will tell you if they like this picture.

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Elves House coloring

Elves House

It is a different house and we think that elves live there. it is a boot but it has a roof and many windows. Behind it we can see the stais and, maybe, the door will be in this place, too. Would you like to live there?.

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Haunted House coloring

Haunted House

We are scared when we can see it because it is a haunted house. If you look at it you can see eyes and we know that there are bats and ghosts. Only we have to color it, because we wouldn´t like living there.

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Luxury Home coloring

Luxury Home

It´s a luxury home but maybe, we can say that it is a castle, because it has got many towers and a big garden. We like living there, because we will have many rooms for playing and for inviting our friends.

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Three houses in winter coloring

Three houses in winter

It´s a village in winter. The houses are small and they are covered with snow. It´s cold but people are very friendly and they go to visit each other, so they don´t care about the cold. Color it and enjoy with this town.

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Ducks are building a house coloring

Ducks are building a house

They are three and they are duck triplets…do you know them?. I think so, because they have a famous uncle: Donald. In this picture, they are building a house for having a good time. It´s for them and for their friends. It isn´t finished but while we can print and color it.

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Skyscraper for coloring coloring

Skyscraper for coloring

The skyscraper is the tallest building in the city. It has got many floors and many people work in them. If you want to color this building, just you have to print and then, decorate your room with something like that. Share it with your friends and feel the vertigo.

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