Batman and Joker coloring

Batman and Joker

Batman wants to catch the Joker because he is a bad person and if the hero wants to finish with the murderers, the Joker is one of those. Batman is running behind him, through windows but Joker always escape from him. Can Batman capture him?.

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Little Batman coloring

Little Batman

We usually remember that hero like a man, tall and slim. Today, we can see a different one in this picture. It´s a Lego piece about super heroes. It wears the bat disguise such as the real one.

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Bats and...Batman coloring

Bats and…Batman

If you have friends who are like you, Batman, too. On the one hand, he is human but on the other, he is a bat with many powers and abilities. In this picture, we can see our hero and his friends.

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Batman mask coloring

Batman mask

If you want a perfect costume, we are going to share this mask with you. It is the Batman mask and, today, you don´t have to color it, just you have to print and cut it. In minutes, you will have a mask of a superheroe.

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Baltman and his belt coloring

Baltman and his belt

Batman´s belt has got many secrets and in this picture we can see our hero with it. He is taking off the belt and his cotume because he has to rest for a few hours, so we won´t make noise, just we will color it.

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Catwoman for coloring coloring

Catwoman for coloring

If we talk about Batman, Catwoman has her place in this page, because she fights for ending with bad persons and we can find them in every place. In this picture, we can see her with a whip which is her weapon.

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Batman looks at you coloring

Batman looks at you

He is so serious, but he isn´t angry though he looks like that. Batman is looking at us and we don´t know what we can do, well, maybe we can print this picture, color it and then we can decorate our room with it.

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Batman rescues a girl coloring

Batman rescues a girl

Batman is one of our favourite heroes because he fights against the evil and rescues the prisoners. In this picture we can see him with a scared girl. She was in trouble but our hero helped her and now, she is safe and very grateful for this moment.

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Batman is coming coloring

Batman is coming

Batman is here and he has come back for staying. He is one of our favorite superheroes, because he always lives many adventures. He has to fight against his enemies for a better world and we trust him, so we think that he will get it. Meanwhile, you can color him.

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