Barbie and friends coloring

Barbie and friends

Barbie has got many friends but today she is with two girls because they are going to the ball. For that, they has bought wonderful dresses with many colors and they look like so pretty. So, if you want to see this drawing so beautiful, you have to color it.

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Barbie and Ken coloring

Barbie and Ken

Barbie is happy because she is a princess and she is with her boyfriend. They have gone to an important party and there, they are dancing and enjoy with the music. They are in love and we can see it.

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Barbie collects shells coloring

Barbie collects shells

Barbie is on the beach and she is collecting shells, because there are many of them in different colors and shapes. Barbie is putting them in a bucket and then, she will clean them and maybe, she will give them to someone.

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Barbie and friends coloring

Barbie and her friends

Barbie has got many friends and they share her secrets. We can see them in this picture but one of them is sleeping and Barbie doesn´t want to wake up. The cat is sleeping, too, so they don´t make so much noise.

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Three cats for Barbie coloring

Three cats for Barbie

It´s a present for her though we can say that there are three, not just one. Barbie has three cats and she is so happy because she likes animals very much. Now, she is thinking of their name. What names do you like for them?.

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Little Barbie coloring

Little Barbie

This is the little Barbie and it´s different from the one that we know. It´s smaller and she has got two beautiful wings for coloring with bright colors. She lives in the forest and helps everybody who needs it.

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Barbie in the forest coloring

Barbie in the forest

Barbie is walking with two friends, the beard and the horse who don´t leave her alone. We don´t know what they are looking for but maybe, it has to be very important because the night is coming and they will have to come back home.

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Barbie Card coloring

Barbie Card

Barbie wants to wish you happy birthday and you can do the same if you print this card and color it. Maybe, you can put it in the present or give it to your friends…this is your decision. A perfect picture for girls.

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Barbie at the beach coloring

Barbie at the beach

Barbie is at the beach so she is wearing shorts and a flower top…it´s very hot but our doll is happy because the sea is near. Here, we can see her while she is walking with only one shoe, maybe her foot is damaged.

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Barbie is brushing her hair coloring

Barbie is brushing her hair

Barbie is going to go to a special party, so he wears a dress with many colors and jewels and finally she has to brush her hair, because it´s too long and she likes spending hours in front of a mirror. You can help her if you give her some colors.

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Barbie wakes up coloring

Barbie wakes up

It´s eleven o´clock in the morning and Barbie wakes up. Her room is decorated with her items. Besides, the main color in her room is pink, we cannot see it but you have the power for coloring that. Today is your task…let´s begin!.

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Barbie and her new car coloring

Barbie and her new car

Barbie has a new car and she is going to go to visit her friends. It´s sunny so, she wears her hat with flowers and a t-shirt. But she doesn´t travel alone. Her company is her dog, who doesn´t want to lose anything in a day like today.

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Barbie is in Hawaii coloring

Barbie is in Hawaii

Barbie likes flowers very much, so, his friends know it and they have give her a big bouquet of flowers. It contains different kind of flowers that you can color. Our favourite doll is so happy because is on holiday, she has flowers and she is on the beach. She cannot ask for more.

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Barbie is giving her cat a present coloring

Barbie is giving her cat a present

Barbie is giving her cat a present, and we can see it in this picture. It´s a ring which shines like the sun, but we hope that the cat doesn´t lose it. Barbie has thought of it so she is attaching it to its neck. Give them color and you will have a perfect picture.

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Barbie and her new dress coloring

Barbie and her new dress

Barbie has a new dress, but it isn´t a simple dress. It is a prom dress which has many colors and a long tail. Besides, she wears a handbag which has the same color as the dress. She has long hair, so she is pretty. She is ready for enjoying with her friends…and you?.

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