A cock for coloring coloring

A cock for coloring

This is the king of the farm because he has many colors and a special song every morning. The hens are in love with him and he knows it but it doesn´t matter because he is free and he will go on doing his job.

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The frog is jumping coloring

The frog is jumping

We were walking around the forest when we saw a beautiful river, so we went near the river and suddenly, a frog were jumping. We can take a picture of the moment and that is. It´s a funny moment so we cannot stop laughing.

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Dolphin is playing coloring

Dolphin is playing

The dolphin is playing with the ball every day and after that, he gets a reward that it will be a fish. Because of that, he plays alone or with other partners but he always waits for his lunch. He is so intelligent and we know it.

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A turtle for coloring coloring

A turtle for coloring

This animal has a big shell on her back and she walks so slowly. You know her, of course, she is the turtle and maybe you have a small one in your home. She can be consider like a pet, but today, not really but you can print and color her.

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A snake for coloring coloring

A snake for coloring

It´s dangerous but now, we get the power because we can print and color ir. It´s a snake which is coiled on the tree and it can see its victims for attacking them. Maybe, if you look into its eyes, you could see that it isn´t as dangerous as it seems.

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Butterflies for coloring coloring

Butterflies for coloring

Two butterflies are flying around the flowers. It´s spring, so it´s time to go out and smell all the flowers which are in the gardens…but, be careful!, because a bee is coming. Maybe, it´s the moment to print and color it, because we don´t know how the story ends.

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The elephant says hi coloring

The elephant says hi

The elephant says hi because he is very polite. When you see someone who is walking by your side or when you come in the shop, you must say hi, if you want to be polite like our friend the elephant. Now, we can practice with him, but first, we have to print and color him.

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A dog is eating and barking coloring

A dog is eating and barking

Today, we are going to color a little dog. It is very funny, but now it is eating and all noises annoy it. It thinks than another dog can steal its food, so we can help it. Just we have to choose many colors for coloring it. If you have a good time, you can begin with it.

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