Minnie is dancing coloring

Minnie is dancing

Minnie is dancing because she has done everything what she had to do and now, she wants to have a good time with music. She is a good dancer and we can see her in this picture which we are going to color.

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Little Butterfly coloring

Little Butterfly

Is it a butterfly?, is it a girl?, we think that it is a combination of both. On the one hand, she has got wings and on the other hand, she has a dress and two arms and feet. A drawing for children.

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A puppy coloring

A puppy

We love animals and today we are going to color a puppy and then, you will share this picture with your friends. We can look for it as if it were a human, so, we are going to enjoy with it.

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A sheep coloring

A sheep

Although the sheep is white, we share this picture with you, because you can color it in different colours. Maybe, it will be a little strange but it will be our special sheep. Besides, you can share it with your friends.

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Tweety is playing coloring

Tweety is playing

Tweety is a bird which lives many adventures but today he is playing with his toys. One of them is a cat, a little Sylvester. The canary plays with it every morning and afternoon…he enjoys with the toy.

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Dumbo and his mom coloring

Dumbo and his mom

Dumbo and his mom are talking about life, because the little elephant has to learn many things and his mother wants to help him with words. Dumbo is a good elephant but he needs some encouragement.

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The cat and the bird coloring

The cat and the bird

A wonderful picture where we can find a cat which is looking at the bird because it has many colours such as the flower. The little cat cannot take his eyes off them, so if you feel the same, you can color them.

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A couple of birds coloring

A couple of birds

Today we are going to color two birds because we like them and their songs. They have got many colours and they are free so they can fly where they want. First, you can print this picture and then, you can give it some color.

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A couple of dolphins coloring

A couple of dolphins

The dolphins are funny animals and we enjoy with them when we can see them in the sea. They are friendly and when they do something right, they have a reward. They like playing over the sea and we like coloring them.

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Horse for coloring coloring

Horse for coloring

Today we are going to color an animal. This is our horse and we can color it in different ways. On the one hand, we can see brown horses but, on the other hand there are black horses, too. What color do you like fot it?.

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A duck coloring

A duck

Today we are going to color an animal. It is the duck and it can have different colors, though we know it in white and with its peak in yellow. But today just you can choose which color prefer. It´s your draw, so it´s your choose.

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