Boomerang Bird coloring

Boomerang Bird

It is Boomerang Bird though it is called Green Bird, too. It is one of the characters in Angry Birds and today, you can color it. It can move itself like a boomerang and it can reach different place where nobody can come in.

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King Pig coloring

King Pig

The King Pig is a character of Angry Birds. He is a pig but he wears a crown and though he is big, he doesn´t any power. So, today, we can print and color him and then, we can share him with our friends.

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Picnic coloring


It´s spring and today it´s sunny and hot, so our friends are having fun with a picnic. They have got much food and juice, but suddenly they hear a noise and other Angry Birds are coming. It doesn´t matter because there is much food for everybody.

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Angry Birds are flying coloring

Angry Birds are flying

This is a picture from the funny game: Angry Birds. This animals have many adventures and we can enjoy with it, but now it´s time to relax and just you have to print this picture and color it. It´s another way to have fun with the same characters

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This bird is in love coloring

This bird is in love

In this picture we can see many hearts, and we wonder why…well, it is in love and it is very happy. We can change the name, because here, the little bird isn´t angry but happy. You can print it for coloring and then you can use it for decorating your room. It is a good idea, isn´t it?.

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