King and Queen coloring

King and Queen

The little queen and the king are sitting on a flower. They live in a big palace where everybody is happy so they are spending great time, too. It´s tea time, so they have what they need for that. Do you like it?, so, you can print it and then, color it.

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Hello Kitty is an angel coloring

Hello Kitty is an angel

We love Hello Kitty because she is a sweet doll and we can play with it every time we want it. Now, we are going to color her and today, she wears a different dress because she is an angel. A different and special angel for coloring.

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Angels for cut and paste coloring

Angels for cut and paste

In this picture, we can see a boy and a girl. They are angels and they can fly with their white wings, but they also play the trumpet and the harp. They are the happiest in the world because they are together and they can do what they want.

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Angel of love coloring

Angel of love

She is an angel and she has got two wings, but she isn´t a simple angel, she is the angel of love. She can do that people love each other and they don´t fight. We need her and we can print and color her.

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Angel and star coloring

Angel and star

This angel has his wings but they aren´t the only one present for him. He found a star which is shining in his hands and maybe, it will grant him some desires but he is so good and he will ask for health for everybody.

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Little Angel coloring

Little Angel

A little angel who is a girl was sitting on the cloud when she heard a noise. She stands up and looks at the sky but she cannot know what that noise was, when suddenly, she looked around the cloud and she can see a little bird which was lost.

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Angel with a butterfly coloring

Angel with a butterfly

An angel is sitting in the cloud and he is boring, but suddenly, a butterfly appears and the angel isn´t alone. Now he is talking with her and the butterfly cannot understand him but she doesn´t move like if she could listen to him.

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Angel with presents coloring

Angel with presents

This is a boy and an angel and we know that, because he wears a long cloth and he has two presents in his hands. On his right hand, he has a cross and on his left hand he has a flower. He´s an angel with presents for a baptism.

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An angel helps a kid coloring

An angel helps a kid

They are two kids but one of them has done something wonderful because he is helping to his friend. Angels are there for us and for saving us though we cannot see them. A picture for kids which they can print for coloring.

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Angels are looking at something coloring

Angels are looking at something

We can see two angels on the clouds who are looking at something but they don´t know what it is. Well, neither them nor we…so, if you can find out, you will have to match the numbers and you will know it. Then, you can color this beautiful picture.

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An angel with friends coloring

An angel with friends

This angel spend with his friends and they aren´t in the sky but in the earth. They are the animals such as frogs or butterflies which are very happy with the angel. He has come for giving them peace and love. That is his job and we has to color, because it is our job.

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An angel for Christmas coloring

An angel for Christmas

An angel is a good idea for decorating our house or the big tree at Christmas. We show you a little angel who gives us a ball with many colors…Oh wait! they have gone, so you can work so hard for returning the bright colors to this picture. Get started with it right now!.

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