Christmas candle coloring

Christmas candle

When we are decorating our house there is something that we cannot forget. A christmas candle will be the light that shine in our living room and we can put a knot with cloth and some special plants for this season. I love christmas time and we hope you love it, too.

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The cake and the boy coloring

The cake and the boy

Today is his birthday and the boy is the most happiest in the world because he has a big cake with a candle in front of him. There are many people with him but they don´t want to be in the picture. He isn´t alone and it´s a big party.

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A cake which sings coloring

A cake which sings

A cake is something very important for birthday but this one is more important than anyone. The cake has a candle and it likes singing, so we think that the party will be a success. You can share it with your partners.

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